I love throwing code at the wall and seeing what sticks.

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Get a feeling for what I've worked with

While certainly not a developer by trade, I've experimented with most parts of the stack before. From knowing the right CSS incantations to nginx configs and all the Django in between.

Image Matting with fastai & PyTorch

An online challenge proposed to apply image matting to the CelebA dataset. I tried my hand at it by re-implementing a paper by Adobe.

End-to-end Testing for AngularJS

Front-end testing was done manually when I joined my first company. I wanted to make it more robust and save us time.

Jekyll, Docker and rsync

I wanted to create a hub for my online presence that was flexible and easy to deploy.

Django-based Annotation Web-app

I was experimenting a lot with Natural Entity Recognition and wanted a simple tool for helping in annotation.

Jupyter, fast.ai & Kaggle

I'm convinced that 'you master a concept if you can explain it'. I was struggling with multi-class image classification, so I created an explanatory notebook that steps through it.

Python scripting

If a default bash utility can't give me what I need, Python is my instant go-to scripting language of choice.

Internal RFI Database

Answering repetitive Requests for Information ate up valuable time of our engineers. I centralised questionnaires to help Sales get more work done autonomously.